[SUS – Update] PDF24 8.8.2

New Update available – PDF24 8.8.2

Name: PDF24
Version: 8.8.2
Date 2019-05-22
URL: https://de.pdf24.org/pdf-creator-download.html

More informations

All necessary information about the manufacturer and other information on the software can be found on this page.

Additionally for the baramundi Management Suite a baramundi Deploy Script is included. This allows you to quickly integrate this software into your existing environment. The included guide will help you build the structure, which I consider important for successful use and subsequent updates.

Software list

An overview of all software that is checked and reported by me can be found here – Software-Liste. As soon as a new software update is available, I’ll let you know about the known ways. If you miss a software, then please contact me via this page.

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