About me

I’m Sebastian and a computer scientist at the time of Commodore C64 and Amiga.

My first own PC was a 486er with 40MHz, 4 MB RAM and fabulous 320 MB hard drive. Not many people remember the HIMEM.SYS that they needed to have more RAM at their disposal. Those were still times, I like to remember back.

Relatively early, I began to deal with a variety of programming languages. It all started with the good old MS-DOS console and the AUTOEXEC.BAT, which is a pure BATCH file.
Then a little bit of BASIC was programmed until finally the internet came along and you could create your own pages with HTML. Although at the time only on the home computer, but it was cool.

At some point the HTML became too static and I started with PHP, finally something mobile. This also helped me a lot in the training where a small project application was written.

In the end, I did not go into application development but into system integration – Windows Administrator.

Here I am now for a good 10 years on the road and always been a friend of the Powershell always been. And in my everyday life I can not imagine the administration without Powershell.